Summer So Far

July 3rd 2015 – Week in Review

Being that we’re pretty much doing a grand home stand Staycation, and it can be hard to  distinguish one day from the next, here is some of our Sacred in the Mundane so far. (Note: It’s never mundane!)

Sleeping In

“Sleeping In”


Friday 6/26 First Day Out of School:

Hanging Out

Hanging Out


Historic Priday:

Paradigm Shifts

Cultural Paradigm Shifts


Monday 6/29: House Projects

(Bathroom) Projects



It’s a Cruel, Cruel, Cruel, Cruel Mom.

Homework (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Art)

Summer Homework


Tues. 6/30 En route home from weekly gig:

Venus & Jupiter Converge over Cambridge Street

Venus & Jupiter Converge over Cambridge Street (though you can’t really see it in this pic)


Wed 7/1:  [See previous post, “Such a Pretty House”]

So Let's Go Outside

So Let’s Get OUT!


Th: 7/2:  Admin Work, Bookkeeping and Bank Deposits, WOO HOO!

Admin Work & Going to the Bank

Working Out with the Laundry Quarters


Upping the Ante on Discipline:  Taking Hostages

Upping the Ante on Discipline



Flamly Swim:




Monkey Man:

Toweling Off

Toweling Off


Regina Pizza by the track, Jack.

Out to Dinner

Dining Out






Friday 7/3:  While Daddy’s away, the Girls play!

Clothing Art Project!

Clothing Art Project!


Splash Pool:

Splash Pool (literally)




Simply Irresistible


Water Bunny:

Water Bunny

Hi Mom!


Mom Watch This! [26 seconds]: Video for Gavin



The Conqueror


And Finally:

The "End"

The “End”


Note:  It’s never the end!




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2 Responses to Summer So Far

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Looks as though people are making a pretty good adjustment to having some no-school time together as a family…!!!!

  2. Thanks Mom! Hope you can be more a part of it as Summer progresses…

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