Rant Resolution

Wednesday, May 20th 2015

[At rise: Following a tense family situation, Mother is reprimanding Son.]

Me: Gavin! You are seven years old. I know you could clearly see I was on the PHONE. I am not one of those mothers who is on the phone all the time. And those rare times that I AM, it is not your privilege to interrupt me! My whole life is structured around being present for you. I pay someone over $500 a month to answer all my work calls and emails so that I can be present in your life. I only answer the phone when it’s important to us personally, like FAMILY. You do not get to ask for my attention when I’m on the phone, do you understand?

G: Yes Mama, I understand.

Me: Good! The only time I want you interrupting me on the phone is if you’re on FIRE, or have been partially eaten by a BEAR. Got it?

G: Yes Mama. Or by any other kind of animal right?


For example.

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