Boy Art

May 2015




What’s on a (now) 7 year old Boy’s mind?  Candy, apparently.

10 ton's of candy!

“10 tons of candy!!!”


And war stuff, naturally.

Cold War One

“Cold War One”


It seems -to their mothers’ dismay- males are born with it in their genes.

Meanwhile what I like about this artwork is the detail.  What impresses me is his discovery of drawing block letters, which I distinctly remember not figuring out until about 3rd grade (vs. his *1st*).  Now that I’m writing this I remember him watching me draw some recently and having an “aha” moment… but it’s not like I taught him or anything.

And I don’t know what the “Swag” business is all about either.





I will ask him, but right now your guess is as good as mine.  To me it mainly means an example of my kids growing up and having their own minds, and my being left scratching my head.

Like the other night when he didn’t want to snuggle but that is another story!

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1 Response to Boy Art

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    It’s all over. At 7 they know everything.

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