Taekwondo Redux

Wednesday April 15th, 2015

[“Why My Son Needs Karate” [circa 2011]  and “Crimson Kicks” [2014]; just two of my, er… as of yet *unpublished* posts.]


In any case, our current journey with Gavin brought us here:

First Time Listeners

First Time Listeners


Check in and circle up.  Some fun exercise circuits.  Stretch and count.  Practice some moves.  The teacher is freaking fantastic.

Ax Kick Practice

Gavin Working on Axe Kick


Then a like Story Time with a lesson.  Eg; what to do when someone is mean to you?  Beautiful answer.  (Hands Down Power.  Walk Away Power.  Build the Fence Power if necessary.)

Earn a fun game.  Eg;  Hot Potato, aka; don’t get hit by either of the two giant rubber balls!

Then gather up for a kunye bow to finish.

Gavin liked it.  I LOVE it.

We’ll see.

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