Car Snack – His & Hers

Sunday, April 12th 2015

For our little jaunt down the highway today, DLove and I each pack snacks for the very *survival* of the children during the journey.

Mine look like this:

Snack Bag

Snack Bag


Lots of teeny tiny tupperware-like containers, including the clever “Snack Box Buffet” you see here, all filled with myriad sweet or savory non-perishable items.  I also always stock water in the car.  A friend recently told me that Capricorns often display quirky preparatory survivalist habits.  Guilty!  (I also carry much of our camping gear and emergency canned food rations deep in the way back, just in case we… get stranded on an island or something, in our car.  I don’t know.)


Fortunately my husband is not like that.  Here is his idea of “Snack”:

Car “Snack”


A large pile of meat sandwiches, to be eaten… presently.  Brisket he smoked in our neighbor’s smoker the day before, to be exact.

I also brought a Fun Bag of small toys.  Naturally our children took turns alternately demanding and snubbing any and all of the above options.

Q:  What do you get when an entertainer and chef have a family?
A:  Children who expect and demand to be well fed and entertained all the time!

Such is the way with kids.  It’s their *job* to explore boundaries.  Explore/exploit; yada yada.  No matter how good you are at something they will find fault at some point and  keep you informed any and every time you get it WRONG, in their opinion anyway.

I guess the trick is to not return the favor, but instead to ever find *graceful* ways of compassionately redirecting them, right?  Even when your last nerve just flew the coop and you are left violently banging your mind against the walls of your sanity.  Sure. 

Wait did I digress again?  Sorry.

Otherwise it was a lovely trip!


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3 Responses to Car Snack – His & Hers

  1. Paul says:

    Pork butt. Yummy

  2. Because you Like Pig Butts and You Cannot Lie!

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