What I Did Last Night

Saturday, February 7th 2015

As I biked home from the juggling convention through snowflakes and snowscapes in our beautiful city yesterday with my husband towing our kids all zipped up in their esteemed “chariot,” it occurred to me that it sometimes escapes me how to write about what in some ways may be the most technically “interesting” -or unusual- parts of our lives.  Perhaps the word I’m looking for is “abnormal.”

In any case, to that end, here is unadulterated, unedited footage of my performance for an audience of juggling fanatics at a convention hosted by the world’s preeminent institute of technology; The *Massachusetts* Institute of Technology, whose juggling organization is the best around.  It was an honor to be included in a show featuring many truly world class performers, before an audience of world class minds.  I will temper my critique of my own appearance just to say, it is what it is.  Not Cirque du Soleil, not necessarily abominable either (although for sure I wish I’d remembered to *breathe.*)  All the same this IS what I did last night.

JTJ @ JUGGLE MIT PUBLIC SHOW [6mins,47secs]:



PS:  And here are a couple shots of my family -earlier that day- *anomalously* dabbling in juggling.  Something you’d think would -and I hope will- happen more often:

6 y/o & 3 y/o respecitvely...

6 y/o & 3 y/o respecitvely…



Maybe not too late?

Not too late to start perhaps…

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3 Responses to What I Did Last Night

  1. Aunt Elizabeth says:

    Woo Hoo Jenny & Clara Jane! That was total cuteness!!
    (Brent & the kids will be at MIT this afternoon, weather permitting….)

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Like Aunt Elizabeth said: “Woo Hoo Jenny & ClaraJane!”

  3. Jane Ann says:

    So exciting to see another one of your performances. I wish I could see you perform more often. Kudos for ClaraJane, too.

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