Mama, Did You Know?

AKA:  A day in the life of learning from your babies KIDS.

Persons are Amomos

Persons are Amomos

January 25, 2015

[At rise: Jenn is chauffeuring the children home in the car.]

CJ (3 y/o):  Mama, did you know that persons are amomos?  [“animals”]

Me (44 y/o):  Um,  yeah.  I guess I did honey.  Amazing, right?

CJ:  Yeah, but I’M not an amomo.

Gavin (6 y/o):  ClaraJane, yes you are.

CJ:  No!  I’m NOT!

Me:  Well, all animals are different.  And we are REALLY different from the other animals, but yeah us humans are a type of animal too.

Gavin:  ClaraJane, you’re a MAMMAL, aren’t you?  We are all mammals, which is a type of animal.

CJ:  Yeah like Cheetahs!

Me:  [!]

Gavin:  Yeah, and like…

Me:  Tigers?!

Gavin:  Um yeah, and…

Me:  Elephants?

Gavin:  Mom, please don’t answer my question.  And like… platypuses.

Me:  Really?  Platypuses are mammals?

Gavin:  Yup!

Me:  Yeah I guess I knew that.  Wow.  So they are the only mammal that lays eggs or something?

Gavin:  No! [dummy]  They’re not the only mammal that lay eggs!  Porcupines lay eggs too.

Me:  Really?  No way!  I did not know that.

Gavin:  Yup.  Mammals are mammals because… what makes mammals mammals is not whether they lay eggs.  Mammals are mammals because they feed their young milk.

Me:  OH!  [!]

OK so for the sake of this post I just Googled this stuff.  Turns out platypi and a group of spiny anteaters called “echidna” are the only egg-laying “amomos,” not porcupines.  But I think you’ll agree these suckers look at lot like porcupines.

Spiny anteater echidna baby

Spiny anteater echidna baby

(And yes, mammals feed their young milk.)

So now you know!  This zoological minute brought to you by… KIDS.

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    The Science Kids.

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