Ear Bead Episode

Thursday, December 18th 2014

OK remember Turkey Trot Day?  It was on Wednesday, November 26th.  (THREE weeks ago.)

One lowlight that didn’t make it into the post about that day was when Gavin insisted on seeing the nurse to get a “bead” removed from his ear.  He said something about having lied on the floor and getting a bead stuck in his ear, which didn’t make sense, and the nurse couldn’t find anything, and we had a lot going on that day, so that was the end of THAT psychosomatic episode.  Or so we thought.

He mentioned it occasionally in the ensuing weeks, but I had no idea what was making him think he had a *bead* in his ear. (Pftftft!)  Then when he mentioned it AGAIN last night, I agreed to take a look. I figured he must have a glob of hard wax bothering him or something. Fast forward a few scrutinizing minutes to Gavin, me, Daddy and a flashlight in the bathroom, and what do you know… there is definitely an obstruction there. I tentatively took some tweezers to gently (gently!) explore for a second and HUP! “It’s a bead! It’s a golden bead.” Fo’ sho’.

Montessori Unit Beads

Montessori Unit Beads

This is a standard Montessori math material, representing a single unit. From this they expand and extrapolate to an amazing, logical and boundless degree (alas another post for another day).  In the meantime, Gavin reminds me to call the nurse:



So we’re off the to doctor.  And to pick up my “Mother of the Year” award too.  Three weeks; can you imagine?

The doctor warns us he’ll do his best yet it largely depends on the cooperation of the patient, and that he has seen it become something that needs an actual Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor, and even a procedure under general anesthesia.  Boy assures us as curious as he is to find out what it’s like to be under general anesthesia, he is even more curious what it will feel like to get the bead out of his ear.   Here he is giggling when the doctor magically elevates the bed to get a closer look:



Here he is DRAWING during the procedure:

Did you say something?

Did you say something?

Even as the doctor *shakes the boy’s head* for a moment, his concentration on his drawing is undeterred.

The Artist

Doctor and Artist

All of a sudden, pop; it’s out! We cheer, and the door opens and his own pediatrician (who was in the office but with no appointments available), peeks in to celebrate with us:

Dr. Lisa Pops in to Celebrate

Dr. Lisa heard us cheering

She told Gavin, “Guess what.  I even know a little girl who once got a tangerine seed stuck up her nose. Do you know who that might have been?” Gavin had no idea; it was herSELF.  “And thus began my career in pediatrics!”

What a scandal!

What a scandal

Daddy & I go for a beer to celebrate the end of the ordeal, and most importantly, his INTACT ear canal, which is somehow no worse for the wear.  Gavin has learned his lesson:


“DON’t PutthiNg’s iN YoRe EAR.  TRUST MEI’v tRiDEit.”  

Classic Childhood Rite of Passage #1,023:  CHECK!

[Note: “X” pointing to Bead in Ear diagram, ie; “Don’t do THIS.”]


PS:  Here is what he was drawing by the way:



“MY RoPE!”




“i WONDER HOW MOMy’s DOiNg”  (“and that guy doesn’t realize a sword is about to split his head in half!”)


Beats me.  I’m just ecstatic he is writing without regard for spelling. (NPND:  A ‘Nother Post for a ‘Nother Day)

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5 Responses to Ear Bead Episode

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    “Call the Nruse” Sounds like a book I just read! It’s a rite of parenthood passage,too! Congratulations. I once knew a little boy who stuck a pebble up his nose while we were in the wilds of Canada. Fortunately, his father was with us, his father the doctor, who got it out. I guess there’s more than one thing to do with a Montessori golden bead.

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Quite an amazing story!

  3. Pingback: Montessori Math: BONUS POINT | circuskitchen

  4. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    So on Math Morning, are you sure the missing ONE golden bead has not been INTERNALIZED in the sense of UP AN ORIFICE?! Priceless stories. Gavin anesthetized himself non-chemically during the removal procedure with DREAMS of CUPCAKES. And swords and ropes, of course.

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