Halloween 2014

2014-10-31 19.38.19-1

Here, in 4 minutes, is the dark, dark video tale of our Halloween 2014!

Click to play [4mins, 1sec]:

And here are the photos:






Bag Heads

Mother and Son

You can tell we’re related

Prenatal Pumpkins

Prenatal Pumpkins

Prenatal Cousin

Prenatal Positioning


Danger, Hot Pirates!

Zaida and Victor

Zaida and Victor

Elsa Pirate

Elsa Pirate

Cheetah Warrior

Cheetah Warrior Gavin


Ninja Miles


Princess Amanda

Bubble Wow Baba Witch

Bubble Wow Baba Witch

Witch, Princess, Drunk Uncle and Green Guy

Witch, Princess, “Drunk Uncle” and Green Guy

Caleb the Lemur

Caleb the Lemur

Monster Mash

Monster Mash

BONUS PIX from Aunt Amanda!


Tough Guys


Cousins Forever!

Cousins Forever!


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4 Responses to Halloween 2014

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Thanks for doing this! It’s a masterpiece!!’

    I’m glad kids wore their costumes to the school party after all.

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    A wonderful video. Thanks for sharing your Halloween.

    love,, kathy, grandma Z

  3. Thanks for watching, Kathy. Including you long distance is one of the most rewarding things about doing my blog. ❤

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