ClaraJane’s 3rd Birthday


Having flown across country late into the night, we awake on ClaraJane’s THIRD Birthday at Grandpa Bruce & Grandma ‘Nita’s in (Secret Magic Unicorn Oakland) California!

WITH Hawaii and Arkansas Cousins!!!

2014-07-11 CJ’s Third Birthday [5:04]:


As for photo highlights:


2014-07-11 02.34.20 - Sleeping Kids







2014-07-11 11.25.40 - flamly







2014-07-11 12.06.10-1 COUSINS

Arjun, CJ, Sanjay, Gavin and Dawson














Dad Shocked (Shocked!) by Fart




2014-07-11 17.22.09 night night

Joyeux Anniversaire a la Plus Grande Petite Fille du Monde




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