Bunny Diaries: S.O.S. Wiggles in Trouble!

For you baby bunny fans, please forgive me for the absence of posts about Wiggles in the last month.  Basic Update:  Wiggles thrived and grew and -like Pinoccio or the Velveteen Rabbit- turned into a REAL BUNNY!  He/she bonded with the other bunnies, made herself right at home in our family and has brought basically measureless pleasure to everyone who meets her.

Three Chillin' Buns

Three Chillin’ Buns

Wiggles Makes a Good Bunny Pillow

Nice Pillow, Nutter!

2014-03-14 09.17.34

Read My Lips

Totes adorbs, right?  She even has the ability to make my KIDS get along:

Six Cute Things

Six Cute Things

Yep, that’s SIX.  And yes, that is a *cat* in the attic of the Bun House.  (A 3-Story Hop-Up, to be exact.  Ba dum ch.)  We kept Wiggles in a little cage for safety at first, then only at night.  The cats continued to pose zero threat to the bunnies and we eventually removed the cage altogether as Wiggs became a full-fledged free-range bunny like her mom and auntie.  Peter Parker liked to mix it up sometimes, as seen in this VIDEO:

[Click to Play Ornery Cat, 28 seconds]:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmEYKHif3sE

And Flash Cat couldn’t seem to care less.  BUT (you knew this was coming)… recently Peter Parker has taken a shine to Wiggles… as in  his new favorite TOY.  We finally caught on to the fact that when we weren’t looking, Mr. Parker would sometimes just grab Wiggles out of the Bun House -by the scruff of his back- and jump down to the floor with him to play.  This explains why we sometimes discover Wiggles missing from the Bun House and invariably find her under the safety of our bed.   We were watching the situation, Wiggles wasn’t getting hurt and it only happened a few times, so it was kind of acceptable.  Until (and you knew this was coming) YESTERDAY.  Paul came home and found Wiggles under our bed alright… but she wasn’t alright.  By the time I came home I found her simply NOT acting herself.  Instead of bright, bouncy and cheerful (she’s always so friendly and outgoing) she was subdued.  Also, her hind legs were SOAKED.  I literally thought the cats must have dragged her through their water dish or something.  Not so.

Say it isn't so.

Not so.

Turns out she was hemorrhaging a clear fluid out her bottom.  A LOT.  Obviously an internal trauma.  I immediately started her on some Pedialyte from a syringe.  At first she was still walking around and hopping a little, but she just kept fading.  I added some honey to the formula and nursed her until midnight.  By this morning at 6:30am she was pretty listless.  I kept at it throughout the morning and she would perk up a bit intermittently.  Sometimes flopping over in defeat, sometimes sitting back up and organizing herself, lifting her head and poking about like a Real Bunny.  Hubby & I even had a therapy appointment already scheduled before the vet appointment, so I was crying and feeding Wiggles from a syringe in our session.  (I’m sure our therapist was impressed. Ha.)

Dr. Vet conferred that stress is VERY hard on bunnies, and can definitely be their undoing.  (Unfortunately I have experience with this in the past.)  He agreed upon no radical (expensive, rather pointless) interventions.  He said the leaking fluid is probably from her intestines. (?)  They injected her with 12cc of vitamin B saline:

Wiggles @ the Vet's Office

Wiggles @ the Vet’s Office

We were given an anti-inflammatory med for her bowels, and a prescription recipe for  “BUNNY POWER SHAKE!” to help get her strength back, which of course I promptly set about to make.

Recipie Ingredients

Bunny Power Shake Ingredients

Crazy right?  Possible.  That a tiny rodent-like creature can worm its way into your heart and occupy a prominent place in your family -in under seven weeks is…  just how life IS.  We are all on this planet, spinning around its axis; whirling around the sun; careening through outer space; which is… ??  So, the relative insignificance of this bunny’s life compared to mine is… at the end of the cosmic day… insignificant.  We get smooshed together in this brief life randomly, and we do our best for those to whom we are accountable.  That’s pretty much it.  Simple I guess.

pellets, metamucil, yogurt, pumpkin, pineapple, Ensure

pellets, Metamucil, yogurt, canned pumpkin, pineapple juice, Ensure, Pedialyte and baby carrots…

“Are you gonna kill that bunny with that awful concoction?” my mom sardonically jests.  “Maybe!” I say, knowing from experience there are no guarantees here.  I’m just so thankful the vet gave me something to DO.  For my bunny.

So, to all you fans of Wiggles (and I know you’re out there because you have so sweetly let me know), we are officially IN the woods.  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  I’m sorry we screwed up and allowed her to fall in harm’s way.  And I’m sorry I left you out over the last month or so of sheer joy she’s been bringing us.  (Stupid me trying to put my attention on my KIDS and stuff like that.) Either way I will be showing you the good stuff no matter what.

Like this for example:  [Click to play, Yoo Adorabo, 31 seconds]:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIGRKh66Ey8

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3 Responses to Bunny Diaries: S.O.S. Wiggles in Trouble!

  1. Jane Ann says:

    So glad you have resumed the bunny diaries. Have missed them. And so glad he is surviving being the playful object of Peter Parker!! Poor Wiggles. Glad the bunny shake is working.

    BUT …I was even more delighted over the last postings of the GAVIN tales. Woo Hoo! What a handsome, clever, talented little guy he is. What an accomplished artist he is at 5, no less. All that and a bag of chips to boot. Not to mention $150 richer! I predict great things for him in the future. Thanks for sharing. He continues to amaze.

  2. Kathy Ziegler says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the bunny. It has been quite a story. Wiggles seems like quite a resilient bunny. We are hoping for a full recovery,…

    Also, congratulations to Gavin. A proud grandmother I am. Sorry I am just recognizing his accomplishment now, but we have had the Florida version of Camp Ziegler for the last two weeks with another group on their way over Easter. That is just great that Gavin did such an outstanding job. He is quite a boy!

    Love Kathy

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