Home Work Day (incl. Daddy Diving)

Wednesday 1/24/2014:

It was basically a day of mundane office work at home.  Yet it was -is- also also an embarrassment of riches.  My body complains from neglect.  Yet there was enough latitude in my life to have started the day with a hot salt bath.  Though not before this Monkey Business:

CJ Daddy Diving [1min,12secs]:

[Or click here to play video.]

Then to the (newly reorganized) office:

Including a spot for the cat

With even  a spot for the cat

Later, Hubby casually drops a surprise lunch under my nose:

Right there at the desk

Right there at the desk

Even the cat looks mildly impressed:

Not bad

Yum.  Thank you DLove!

I think my favorite point had to be Daddy helping Gavin with his new RAINBOW LOOM (courtesy of his Bubble Wow; Thanks Mom!):

Daddy helps Boy Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom

After dinner, Gavin continues his focus while ClaraJane “reads” the directions:

Looks like she can actually read, doesn't it?

Looks like she can actually read, doesn’t it?

Of course the photos don’t show the paperwork and emails, taxes and condo board minutes, time-outs, power struggles and scuffles; but c’est la vie.  Welcome to my Fairy Tail!


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3 Responses to Home Work Day (incl. Daddy Diving)

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    You are all Way Up In Da K’y!!! And it’s wonderful that you know it!

  2. paul says:

    thanks for getting my good side!

  3. paysonroadfarm says:

    If there’s room left over for a spot for the cat, you know you’re on track! And it’s so neat to see Gavin engrossed in a project like that- it combines all of the skills necessary to be a pro-videogamer, just without the screen! Super cool! You’re a lucky girl Jenny, you’ve got a magical family (and you deserve it! :o) )

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