C’est Ma Vie (et mon Blog)

“It’s My Life (and my Blog):”

Oh pity my dear blog “followers.”  Darlings!  I’m afraid there’s no stopping me now.  Me and my (still new) MacBook.  Between that and finally a sometimes *tractable* life, I find myself suddenly free to document to my heart’s content.  Frankly a huge improvement over nursing my aching heart from hardly ever getting to do it at all.  But I recognize this means more emails in YOUR inbox, Dear Reader.  So I invite you to come along as I take ever closer and more frequent looks… or bid you adieu should you ever decide to abort.  I won’t be offended should you ever unsubscribe.  I’ve said it before, *It’s My Blog*, and I shall use it and abuse it therapeutically, in celebration, elation, vacation, weigh station… and therapeutically again.   Just think of what an AWESOME fount of love, thoughts and priceless memories this will be one day, for my kids, to ignore after I’m gone.  (o:


So with that caveat complete, I introduce my new unwitting Guest Poster… my mom!  That’s right folks, you know her as a frequent commenter on my posts, foundational figure in my kids’ lives, co-star and supporting actress in many a CircusKitchen Production, and (perhaps less known) as chief influencer of the rich intellectual life she has modeled for me to live my whole life.  That’s right, “Bubble Wow,” the Grandma with the most unusual term of endearment, also known to some of us (who “came from her vagina”) as “The Mamma.”  Here, WITHOUT her official permission, debuting for all to enjoy, I introduce to you; THE BUBBLE WOW CHRONICLES!  (See next post.)

The Scoop:  Bless My Soul, my mom actually takes care of our son every week.  On Tuesdays when I have a regular gig, she picks him up from school for all manner of Bubble Wow Adventures before returning him to our home for supper at our place in my absence.  She also does this for her other grandson, my nephew Miles.  In fact, the boys like to be together so much, that she has now committed to taking them BOTH, TWICE weekly.   But I digress.  The real jewel for me is the RECAP I often get the next day.  As our children’s minds develop, there is no more apt audience than a Grandmother.  (And lo, Grandfathers are invaluable too!)  And few are more prolific of the written word than THIS Grandmother.  So, lest I let these pearls continue to fester and die in the darkness of my email inbox, I say to them, “Come to the light!”



PS:  (Oh, by the way Mom, let me know if this isn’t okay with you!)  (o;

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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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1 Response to C’est Ma Vie (et mon Blog)

  1. paysonroadfarm says:

    Magnificent! Keep ’em comin’ 😉 ❤
    Also: "Bubble Wow" is an AMAZINGLY COOL term of endearment!, and has even influenced me to refer to my own little Suzie as "Snuggle Fancy" at times since having become a subscriber to your blog!

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