Daddy’s New Everything

So… pretty much on a daily basis I’m amazed, awed and bowled over that I even *have* a husband.  Let alone one that did *not* in fact die of cancer (as he well could have a couple years back), and that he is so absolutely, stunningly spectacular at BEING said husband, and father to our children.  To see him grow from a puddle of pain just surviving cancer treatments, into something resembling what I used to DATE before all that, and then further into this seemingly invincible He-Man Machine who works miracles on a daily basis… leaves me Gobsmacked.  Like every day.

Just the first week so far this year has been amazing.  While I have been quite slow out of the gait (this ol’ Cali Girl not exactly diving head-first into the nearest snow bank), Dear Husband -My Magnificent Minnesota ManMeat Monster- has been on FIRE.  For those of you hating all the snow and cold weather… he makes up for it for you because he LIVES for this!

So here, in humble attempt to honor him, his vitality, his love, the generosity of his spirit, the kind and gentle acceptance with which he supports me every day, and the astonishing strength, effort and energy he brings to our family every day… what brings me to tears when I think (and witness all the time) how great our kids have it in their Dad…  is (surprise!) a video.  Just a sample really -a tiny taste- of his answer to the snow, and of taking our daughter to daycare.

Daddys New Ride [45 seconds]:

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4 Responses to Daddy’s New Everything

  1. paysonroadfarm says:

    ❤ !!! 😀 TOO much fun!

  2. Jane Ann says:

    What an awesome blog. Yea. Paul. He is a great guy. You guys are a wonderful family. Miss and love you much.

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