Mommy You Otay

When I get ready for shows, here is the refrain:

ClaraJane: “Mommy you go wok?”

Me: “Yes honey, I’m getting ready for work.”

Usually, it’s “No! Mommy NO GO WOK!”
But of course with kids you never know. And this day instead she said, “Otay,” and proceeded to sing about it.

2013-12-18 CJ Helping Mommy Makeup [1 min, 24 secs]:


I remember being about 26 years old before I gave my dad the satisfaction of approval, with an official “OK DAD!” certificate. I guess the beauty of that is I meant it and would never revoke it. But it still feels like a Lifetime Achievement Award to hear your two year old daughter sing it to you as you prepare to leave her for work!

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