Ali & Anthony’s Wedding

What a privilege and joy to be a part of Allison and Anthony’s Wedding this past weekend, at the stunning Salisbury Estate in DesMoines, Iowa. Here is my video synopsis in three and a half minutes, as captured by cell phone.

[3 mins, 34secs]

“You’re my cousin, right Princess?”


Princess & Baby Princess

The Lovely Couple

Mary Margaret wrote:
Jun 24

Forgive me for this “let me tell you about my grandchildren” impulse, but I really want to share. My daughter is a gifted storyteller and good mom and gave me this one this morning.

They went to a big family wedding in the midwest.  Outgoing Gavin, 4, was eagerly looking forward to seeing his many beautiful cousins, especially the girls.  On the airplane he charmed the flight attendant out of SIX pairs of “captain’s flight wings” — daughter and I had no idea airlines even had these little kid-pleasers any more!!!  In the hotel’s shuttle to the wedding venue — uh-oh,  the wings had been left in the room.  His hysterical insistence on going back for them evoked sympathy in all the adults rather than scorn for a kid throwing a fit, because any of us would feel the same if our carefully planned and skillfully executed efforts to impress the girls threatened to come to nothing.  So Daddy went back to fetch the wings even though it made their whole busload a bit late for the wedding.

It was hard to sit through a boring ceremony waiting for his moment, but sure enough, the minute it was over, a flock of beautiful schoolgirl cousins descended on Gavin and were over the moon with his gifts, pinning them onto their ruffled dresses and displaying them proudly to all the relatives.

Then Gavin fell in love with the “princess bride” and repeatedly cut in on the groom and others trying to dance with her.  For the final number, Gavin presented himself to the bride to claim the last dance.  Rather than fighting it out or appealing to the mother, the groom just scooped Gavin up and they danced away as a threesome.  In the photo the bride’s dance partner seems to have adult legs and Gavin’s face.

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  1. Kim Hickman says:

    What a wonderful tribute Jennifer….. Thank you so much for sharing the special pictures and video. It was wonderful getting the opportunity to get to know you. I look forward to visiting with you again very soon.

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