Dearest Auntie Jane Ann:

As putting something in the mail is simply not realistic for us at the moment, please accept this blog-note as our “Thank You” for the thoughtful cards and gifts you sent us for Easter.  So sweet!  At mom’s suggestion I went to make a video for this purpose, but as is the way with kids, it turned into something else.  And at the risk of horrifying you, here is that something else, for all to enjoy.

Love you!  And thanks again…

[46 seconds]

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2 Responses to Splat

  1. Aunt Jane Ann says:

    Oh my! I don’t know how I missed this video. I can’t believe ClaraJane is standing and almost walking….before she crawls! SPLAT is right! Amazing. I never crawled, per se, but rather sat up and scooted with one leg bent underneath me to project myself forward, wiping the floor with my diaper my mom used to say. She claims I loved to wear ear muffs while scooting, but I find no photographic evidence of it. Probably a good thing. I was goofy-looking enough as a baby without adding any accoutrements! But still too bad so much of our baby memories are orally passed down. I am so glad you have so many videos posted of your darlings so we all can enjoy. (And they will, too, one day…..or groan.)

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