Voila Charles River Picnic

Amidst these Frugal Times, yesterday Gavin achieved the coup of procuring an item of his choice at the Dollar Store (trust me, he has plenty of toys already). With his new plastic “Water Blaster” in hand, it became my mission to find a place where he could press said Water Blaster into service. It was a sunny afternoon and I had time to kill with two kids, AND -as always- a blanket and backup snacks in the car. I remembered a handy spot by the water’s edge of the Charles River, and Voila! PICNIC.

And by the way, the toy was cool (and hasn’t even broken in the whole day since), but did not maintain any allure for my Little Warrior compared to the riches of our Grand Little Urban Slice of Nature.

[1 min, 45 secs]

Not only a priceless way to spend time on a weekend day with no income gigs, possibly the most inspirational dollar I ever spent!


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5 Responses to Voila Charles River Picnic

  1. Awwww, Precious! 🙂

  2. Jane Ann says:

    Loved the picnic by the Charles River!

  3. Dennis says:

    You are having a gret time being a Mother. I can feel the love all the way to the Cape.
    Love you

    • Thanks for your comment Denn. You are right, and glad you can feel it! What a ride. The part with the kids is the greatest blessing of a lifetime. Making everything else work around it is harrowing!

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