Flamly Spa

2012-02-26:  Sunday, February 26th 2012

On this day, with Daddy’s help I got these two munchkins to hold their pose in the bath long enough for me to capture this blurry, steamed up image.  I hope you enjoy it because I spent a lot of parental collateral in getting Gavin to oblige the shot.  (Spontaneously remitting not one but BOTH toys he was earning back from us for prior misdeeds.)  The shot wasn’t entirely contrived by the way; he really was hugging his sister -as he actually does- BEFORE I went and ruined everything with the camera.

Mommy's Favorite Bath Toys

Here he is storming out of the tub afterwards.

"I'm not taking a bath with you anymore because I hate pictures!"

Isn’t it a mom’s imperative to ruin her kid’s life with the camera?  Or at least it’s her prerogative.  And of course it’s the kid’s imperative to Protest.  This is one reason it’s so nice having more than one kid, because you can always play the numbers.  When one is boycotting you, chances are another one is still talking to you.

Playing the numbers.

And thank god for Photoshop, making it possible to crop out all that Real Life stuff (toilet paper,  debris, the bucket we use for washing soiled clothes…) and dial in on the yummiest bits.


Here, a few minutes later, is my Indomitable Boy once again.  This time threatening me with his beloved Lovey Bear.  I swear I don’t like to torture him, but what am I gonna do… NOT take his picture?

Putting the "Boy" in "Boycott."

*Sigh*  Wild Thing.  You make my heart sing!

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