Some Clarity, Some Levity

Because my past two posts were so heavy, I wanted to follow up a bit.  I’d also like to thank and and hope to assuage the concerns of those loved ones who’ve already weighed in on my postings.

1) I’m not obsessing on macabre ideations, I’m not in danger of harming myself or anyone (physically) and I don’t actually want to sink my car to the bottom of a marina! My posts from the past two days -at your possible expense- have helped me heal a great deal already (not that I am cured of my problem or anything… will probably always be “in recovery,” like any other addiction). I am simply feeling empowered and uplifted by the symbolic  *imagery* of an outdated modus operandi floating down and away for good, leaving only the stripped down pureness of life and what’s most important.

2) Contrary to my worst fears (being reported to DSS this morning), my husband reported that Gavin’s dropoff at school went… well it went like this:

Paul and Gavin are climbing the stairs -Gavin with the prominent gash under his eye- and his teachers all happen to be at the top. “Oh my goodness what happened to you!?!” says Annette, the lead teacher. “I see your daddy smiling, so it’s got to be something good. Tell me what happened, tell me now!”  Gavin looks up at them squarely and explains; “I tripped on an ottoman.” Apparently they all split their sides laughing. On one hand they have become accustomed to Gavin’s precocious articulateness (don’t know where he gets it).  But on the other hand… “Did you hear that?  He said ‘ottomon!'”

The Culprit  (not the cat, just the “ottomon”)

3) Scenes from this morning’s “Brekfrest,” for your pleasure, and mine.  (Heart.)

Boys at Play

Boys at Work

A single “Cheerio” and her outfit is complete

What more can I say?

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1 Response to Some Clarity, Some Levity

  1. Paul says:

    I even made it to school on time:)
    Love you, and our family breakfast.

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