Bed Rest, Baby!

Amid clawing our way out from under the Deluge of Holiday Delights (about which I haven’t even *begun* posting), alas and alack I have thrown out my back.  After a debilitating night robbed of sleep, much needed meds, a desperate dose of Chiropractic Magic, and more meds, it was back to bed for me today.  Sympathetically along side me was my daughter; ALL MORNING LONG.  (To wit: she slept –sometimes nursing of course– from 9pm last night until past NOON today!)  Here she is sleeping like gangbusters, the Wonder Girl:

15 hours strong!Naturally come lunchtime and she was all too happy to help us wolf down some of daddy’s homemade split pea soup, at one point grabbing the spoon out of my hand (a first) to get it in her mouth faster. “Gimme that I’ll do it myself Mom, Jeez!”  Here she is packing it down with some bread.  :oDNot to be out done, my Dear Husband is also sick today. Here he is taking a brief respite from his post playing Skyrim on XBox.  (Not to worry; the remote controller is safely hidden under the blanket.)  Poor Dear.You can tell he is not feeling well because his eyes are closed, which is *totally* different from when they are open and he is doing THIS: (BTW when I found this photo of Skyrim online –a typical scene battling random creatures, ALL of whom want to menace you for some reason– the caption read, “Who doesn’t want to dual wield a mace and a spell?”  What!?  I don’t know about you, but I can think of *someone* who doesn’t!  Life is hard enough already.  I don’t need a *pretend* one to challenge me.  All I can deduce about this game is that… it is utterly a GUY THING, because I don’t get it AT ALL.  Although it occurs to me that in spite of being married to *MOI,* perhaps my DH finds his life is NOT yet challenging enough, because left to his own vices he will sometimes keep playing and playing the game until I come along and MAKE his life difficult.  Excoriating him in this blog, for example.  Then just when I think I can’t take it anymore, he goes and does something transcendent like play with our son, coddle our daughter, or -like right now- pack away all the Christmas decorations for Pete’s sake.  It’s so hard to stay mad at this guy I just want to…  take some more meds and go back to bed.)

Bless my aching back!

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3 Responses to Bed Rest, Baby!

  1. wartica says:

    I hope everything works out well for you; I think we all go through similar things, especially when we are sick ;(…Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

  2. Thank God I get off my ass and do thing it’s not fun having a hurting pissed off wife.

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