ClaraJane channels Jane Ann

My fabulous Aunt Jane Ann from Dallas is a notorious fashionista.  This morning when I held a dress up to ClaraJane to see if it would still fit (not), she grabbed on and didn’t let go all morning.  Here she is taking after her incomparable Great Auntie.

[30 secs]

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1 Response to ClaraJane channels Jane Ann

  1. Jane Ann says:

    How adorable! I love it that ClaraJane loves pretty colors and dresses! She is a girl after my own heart with that adorably heart-warming smile. Every time I see pictures of her I can’t help but smile myself and sometimes laugh out loud. Such personality. I’m so glad you all liked your Easter gifts. Hopefully, Gavin is enjoying his dinosaur books. I can’t pass up any book with dinosaurs without thinking of him. I heard he and Miles swapped some of their loot. Hope the little lamb pleased the little lamb and the music was working. (Just press one of the feet) I thought it was soft and thought CJ would like the texture. I love your blogs. I feel I can get a glimpse every now and then of the Oberhauser household. I saw MM’s little bunnies. Hope the kids liked. I heard Gavin’s favorite color is orange. That is one of my favorite fashion color picks for this summer. Bought orange shoes I wear almost daily. Love you all!

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