Turnabout’s Fair Play

Naturally, life with a toddler is fraught with constant negotiations.  For better or worse, a toddler’s passions are copious and often turbulent.  As the parent, the need to choose your battles leads to endless stabs at bribery, cajolery, time-outery and other questionable judgement calls.  And there is so much to work with.  Therefore, the plaintive  “Can I watch Dinosaur Train?” is invariably answered with  “Yes, after nap,”  or “Once you eat a good supper,” or “If you do potty-hands-teeth with no fussing” etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Today at the Farmer’s Market, after church and before the promised visit to  a playground, my boy deftly negotiated his way to a fresh scoop of organic strawberry ice cream.  Being too cheap to throw down for a ‘nother ($3) serving for myself, I asked him (nicely) if Mommy could have  bite.

His reply?  Feeding himself a bite, coolly he says, “When we get to the park.”

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