What I Got from Landmark

 What I got out of Landmark that I am committed to mastering:

1)      Being centered (in spirit), committed (in action) and clear (in communication).

2)      Accepting others exactly as they are.

3)      Being a contribution not to just myself but to others.

4)      Integrity. ie; saying what I mean and doing what I say.

5)      Being at peace with everything that is always yet “TO DO.”

6)      Accepting and completing all breakdowns, and following them through in discovering new possibilities on the other side.

Ten (more) results that are in my life because of the Landmark Forum:

1)      Learned the difference between what *happens* to us and the *story* we make up about it.

2)      Learned that we inevitably make up stories in the first place, and we believe they’re REAL!

3)      Realized that it’s not my mom’s job –or anyone else’s- to be any different than exactly the way they are.

4)      Realized the cost of not choosing people/situations exactly as they are (eg: happiness, affinity, relationships, time, health…).

5)      Broke free from grips of my past through easy, simple steps.

6)     Overcame my issues with my mother, enabling us to transform our relationship, in turn benefitting everyone in our family (and others too probably).

7)    Overcame my issues with my work.

8)      Learned that the meaning of Integrity is being true to your WORD.

9)      Learned that living in such integrity is the most powerful way to live.

10)   Transformed my ability to accept and embrace (even ASK for) help from others.

aka:  “Living Life Powerfully and Living a Life I Love!”  (If you want to know more, and/or are interested in getting results in *your* life that are important to *You,* feel free to ask me!  You can also learn more at http://www.LandmarkEducation.com.)

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