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The latest news on Baby Boomer.

Today we had our first “Non-Stress Test,” to see how the baby is operating neurologically with regard to oxygen supply.   The reason is because; the placenta in women my age tends to “wear out” towards the end of the pregnancy more quickly than in women half our age.  Incidentally this is one reason my midwife has encouraged me to aim towards having the baby at 39 weeks instead of 40.

First, Let us Digress:
For the record, we are now 37 weeks (plus 1 day), which means the baby is FULL TERM, totally viable and welcome to be born any day.   Personally, if he/she could hang on a couple more weeks, it would make a big difference in A) the income I can bring in from pending gigs, and B) the amount of continued blissful time I get to utilize and enjoy during this magical phase in our family’s life.
Regarding A) Yes, I am still doing gigs, and feeling GREAT.  Of course the more active you *remain* during your pregnancy (that is, continuing doing what is normal for YOU), the easier the childbirth and recovery etc.   And yes, I have clients expecting me who don’t know I’m pregnant (it is not my policy to provide folks the opportunity to discriminate against pregnant people), and should I go into labor early I have contingency arrangements for them, in the form of qualified, esteemed colleagues who will be all too happy to get the work.
Regarding B) Yes, we are blissed out.  Summer is here and it’s beautiful everywhere.  Paul is healthier than ever and just took the Landmark Forum (unleashing potential in life), I just completed my Landmark Advanced Course (strengthening that which I got from the Forum, and learning to apply it towards being a contribution to others), and Gavin is spectacular.  My only complaint is not seeing Gavin as much as I’d like lately due to busy schedules, as he is growing up SO MUCH.

OK So Back to the NST:
At the hospital this morning I snuggled up in a comfy bed while the delightful nurse strapped a couple monitors on my gorgeous round belly. Listening to the heart beat and studying the printout from the machine (reminiscent of an EKG), she comments on what a “beautiful baby” it is right away.  As the test continues she proceeds to gush about what a healthy baby it seems to be.  At first I took this with a grain of salt, but she kept at it.  The “most beautiful strip I’ve seen in a long time,” she finally says.  This means healthy baseline heart rate, with nice variability, accelerations with activity, and no decelerations.  It was cool to experience; I would feel baby would do one of it’s fabulous contortions, and I could hear the heart rate increase.  Incidentally, she also suggested that it could be a boy.  Not only because I’m carrying “small” as I did with my last Boy, but because a baseline heartrate of about 120 like this is often a boy, whereas girl’s are often around 140.  Hmmm.  She showed the strip to the doctor, who concurred it is a beautiful, strong, healthy baby.  A bit kerflumpt, I thanked her for such a delightful start to my day, and then SHE said it was a treat for HER to see SUCH a great test!

Regarding the “Stress” Factor:
It turns out that “Non-Stress” means testing the baby while not stressed by *contractions.*  Out of curiosity I asked her about what if I clenched my abdominal muscles really tight, or did something like that to simulate the bursts of activity that I actually perform in my life, and she said that this does not stress the baby at all (unless I myself am not getting enough oxygen).  Only uterine contractions stress the baby, and, on the contrary, so long as you are well hydrated and without any other symptoms, activity is great!

So this all corroborates what I’ve been feeling, which -with the exception of overdoing it a bit 8 days ago- is super fantastic.
We are so lucky and blessed!

“Too blessed to be stressed,” is my latest motto.
“Centered, Committed and Clear” is who I am.

Thanks for letting me share this with you and I hope you are having a beautiful day.

PS:  Think July 14th or 15th!

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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous news. And thanks for explaining to semantics-obsessed moi the meaning of “non-stress test” in this context.

    I’ll be thinking July 14-15.

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