Toddler Life in May

5/27/2011:  Boarding the bus (which we rarely do), Gavin pauses to address the bus driver. “Excuse me?  Do your wipers go ‘swish swish swish’?” The bus driver looks at him for a moment, then says, “Why YES THEY DO! Wanna see?” Flipping them on, “Here ya go!” Beside myself with amusement I thank him and he says, “No problem. I got kids of my own and now I’m a grandfather.  The questions don’t change!” He even demonstrates how the bus can lower for us when it is our turn to get off.  As he pulls away Gavin exclaims, “I forgot to ask him if his horn goes ‘beep beep beep’!”  (Next time Buddy.)

5/20/2011:  My husband’s boss asks our son:  “Hey Gavin!  Do you want to work here?”
Gavin replies: “I don’t *need* to work here.  But when I’m a grownup I can work here.”
I ask if he already has a job, and he explains: “Yes!  My job is to SLEEP, EAT, PLAY and watch ‘DINOSAUR TRAIN.’

5/16/2011:  While reading dinosaurs at bedtime, my three year old dials in on a jellyfish drawn swimming next to Dunklosteus (a “nightmare with fins”).
He:  What is that?
Me: That? That’s a jellyfish.
H:   But what is *inside* him?
M:  Um… brains I guess.
H:  And what else?
(Let the BS begin.)
M: Guts
H: And what else?
M: Slimy stuff.
H: What else?
M: Um… sting-y poison juice.
H: What else?
M: Uh… protozoa
H: What else?
M:  … Mitochondria?  (not sure I remember what that is but…)
H:  What else?
M:  Sea water
H:  What else?
M:  Um… chemicals
H:  And what else?
M:  I’m not sure.  I don’t know!
H:  Oh.  I don’t know either!
(Oh really!?!)
H:  Don’t laugh Mom.  Mom!  Don’t LAAAAUGH!  MOM!!!

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