So it begins.


So before school this morning Gavin put up a bit of resistance on the changing table.  In lieu of getting pants on, his wayward feet flailed about and more than once landed on my belly.  This -both the lack of cooperation and kicking mommy’s tummy- earned him the proverbial TimeOut.  When he was finally dressed, I offered a story in the reading chair before going off to school; a favorite activity and emotional bandaid for us both.  A few pages into “To Be A Kid” with Gavin on my lap, I received a kick from within so vigorous that it actually made me grunt out loud.  I asked Gavin if he felt that, and he said yes.  I asked if he knew what it was, and he said no.  I told him it was the Baby, saying, “Hello Big Brother… BOOM!”  Gavin thought this was hilarious.  I asked him if he thought we should call the baby “Boomer” and, giggling adorably, he agreed.  Up until now Daddy was calling the baby “Popcorn,” but as of this morning, “Popcorn” became “Boomer.”

In review; Gavin kicked the baby this morning, and already the Baby kicked him back.
“Boomer” hasn’t even been born yet and they’re fighting already.  Why wait, right?
Let the games begin!

PS:  FYI Boomer is officially 22 weeks today; approximately one pound and 11 inches long.  Neatly tucked away in my cavernous -and now nicely padded out- frame, even my midwife sister admitted yesterday, after scrutinizing me in my bathing suit by the pool, that you can’t really tell I’m pregnant.  This is much appreciated too because I’m still shaking my money maker as much as possible.  (Not that I won’t shake it when my belly’s hanging out; it’s just less awkward than shocking people like that.)

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7 Responses to So it begins.

  1. Rob Thompson says:

    Somehow that story, probably because it makes me think of my own two boys, makes me think of this quote that I love, from some second grader’s science assignment: “Some oxygen molecules help fires burn while others help make water, so sometimes it’s brother against brother.” 🙂

  2. Or in our case, and possibly Gavin’s; “sister against brother!” (o;

  3. judith oberhauser says:

    So, from the posting I am to assume little boomer is a boy? Maybe s/he is too aggressive to be a boy….I sense a lovely little lady whipping up the whoopy! In either case I am glad to know s/he is interacting! Love to all, AUnt Judy

  4. judith oberhauser says:

    You are a superb writer, my dear hot mamma! If you need a third, fourth of fifth career I think you have it. As for the little ones…? I have no advice. Maybe Baptism will help!!!! THey sound like they both have high energy like their Mommy. Blessings to all of you and tell Paul I need some of his calm demeanor. I get crazy without any of the required reasons!!!! Love you all. AUnt Judy

  5. Bubble Wow says:

    Boomer, Bruiser, Blaster, Baster

    (Having Mau-Maued the Baster, Paul, who likes slow cooking and bathing the bird with its own juices, you’ve earned “Blaster”.
    Mau-Mau — a 70s term with which you may be unfamiliar, having been busy learning to walk and talk at the time it entered the language.

  6. Bubble Wow says:

    I love Robert’s post and the second-grader quote.

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