GLO Fat Huk and Kiss

April 2010

Here we have Baby Gavin, at what I imagine to be his very fattest day in life –more resembling Jabba the Hut even to me, his mother, right down to the slobber– discussing his need for HUK AND TISS.

2010-04 GLO FAT HUK AND KISS [1:18]:




PS:  I love you Jabba the Drool Face.  All the time.



♦ ♦ ♦

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4 Responses to GLO Fat Huk and Kiss

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    You are already reaping the “sweet memories” benefits of your blog habit.

    So precious. Huk and Tiss request is heart-warming, but some people would say anything to get out of a seatbelt! Mary just says “Buckle.”

  2. Mom I think you’ve got it nailed. I was just leaving it there as if he wanted *me* even though… you’re probably right lol!

  3. “Yes it is hard to believe that Gavin was once a little fatty.” ~Anonymous (just kidding it was Bubble Wow)

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