Miles & Gavin – The Beginning!

May 5th 2008

That day when Miles and Gavin met each other for the first time.

Let the games begin!

2008-05-05 Miles & Gavin – The Beginning [6 mins, 19 seconds]:

Ooh de lally ooh de lally golly what a day!


As I am posting this 8 years later, this is what Aunt Amanda would call “From The Warehouse.”  It’s also a week post-Mother’s Day 2016 – Happy (belated) Mother’s Day Amanda and Bubble Wow!

*          *          *          *          *          *          *         *         *          *         *         *         *

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1 Response to Miles & Gavin – The Beginning!

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Hardly seems possible they were ever so small! Gavin still has that fetal look and Miles is barely over his. Jenny is white as paper! Miles’ first instinct of course was to “taste” Gavin! Isn’t it miraculous how they unfold and develop?! Now they’re writing computer code, spelling “light, might, and bright,” hitting baseballs, reading doorstop books, and helping parent baby sisters and brothers.

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