Apple Picking 2🍎22

October 3rd 2022

Oberhauser Four munching apples at Nicewicz Farms in Bolton MA


Sakes alive we went apple picking.

I had no gigs because I didn’t make it to Amsterdam.

Been here before but this year my peeps are looking unusually tall, even for them:

ClaraJane, Gavin & Paul &Nicewicz Farms

And I was even able to render a little video and generate this blog post! πŸ™€

2022-10-03 Apple Picking at Nicewicz Fatms [1:08]:


An embarrassment of riches


We are spoiled and blessed.


We’re home now, and I am conscripted to go get ice cream to accompany the pie that is currently underway. I just need to remove the lap cat … as soon as I hit β€œpublish.’”




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1 Response to Apple Picking 2🍎22

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Good use of the gift of time!

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